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Distinction Events and Design’s Instagram Challenge: Week 2 (Wedding Planning Process)

Thank you all so much for all of the support you have given to our previous Instagram Challenge focusing on Work and life productivity. If you missed it, that’s okay … It’s never too late to head on over to to get caught up with the rest of us. This Instagram challenge is simply your everyday reminder and push to get you out and pursue each day, one day at a time. We take strong value in connecting with all of our Distinction supporters, whether you are a Distinction couple, mother, teacher, or entrepreneur.

Have you ever set out to accomplish something that you’ve had on your To-Do List for a while now, and you realize that you just don’t quite have the energy to complete it? Maybe you’ve gotten a little lazy when it comes to having the motivation or drive to put towards following your dreams, well this Instagram challenge is for you!

For week two of the Distinction Instagram Challenge, we will be shedding light on our Distinction couples, as well as our potential Distinction Families. Each day is a charge to conquer one thing on your Wedding To-Do List and Share with us via social media platforms what you have crossed off on your list. Feel free to use the hashtags listed below.

#HappyMonday Distinction Family! It’s the top of the week for all of our Distinction couples and we’ve received lot’s of feedback from our couples and most importantly, brides about how to lessen the amount of stress going into the wedding planning process. For most brides, it becomes the process of shopping for the wedding dress of your dreams! We’ll be honest there really isn’t a way around having to go through the full process of finding the dress of your dreams but with the help of a few of our previous brides, we want to challenge all Brides to post a photo of the wedding dress of your dreams. Whether it’s in a magazine, online, or in-store, we want to see it!

We love receiving tips on improving the wedding planning process, and we’ve found that the earlier you start, the better. With picking the perfect dress, don’t be afraid to look for mood boards featuring color, texture, and styles. If you’re a DIY Queen this could be something you make as well. This tip could also be used when planning and picking out decor. Also, keep in mind it’s your Wedding dress … you wouldn’t go based off of the styles of a regular dress in your closet; allow yourself room to express who you are as a bride and soon to be wife.

📸: @JodieBrimPhotography

Happy #TalkTuesday Distinction Family! Here at Distinction, we love food, and we know everybody loves some good food! Today’s focus is on catering and creating the ultimate menu that is sure to leave you and all of your guest’s mouthwatering. Today we challenge all of our guests to post a list or photo of what your ideal menu would look like! Does your ideal catering list have a theme, or is it all about the taste? Is your ideal menu plated, or buffet style? Did you know buffet style wedding menus could still be dressed and styled to fit the theme of your wedding?

📸: @alexissonyai

It’s #WeddingWednesday Distinction Family and today we will be talking about #engagementphotos! When it comes to picking the perfect photographer to capture your engagement photos it’s important to remember that every connection and vendor to your special day plays a huge part in representing who you are as a couple. The vendor must be someone who is pleasing to who you are but also who and what you will stand for. As a unit, are you fun, sporty, athletic, artistic, or empowering? Each and every one of these aspects will help you to connect the style of your photo shoot and who the person behind the lens should be when it comes to capturing your wedding day. We challenge all Distinction couples to post a photo of your engagement photos, or the style or engagement photos you admire the most! This could also be a great chance to shout out another couple that you really admire.

📸: @elizabethashleyco

Happy Thursday Distinction Family! Today is all about decor and we already know you guys have been waiting to talk all things decor! From sparkle to everything floral we have seen it all! When comes down to designing the look of your dreams we encourage you to get all of your creative juices flowing! We have put together a mini #Instastory (Instagram Story) post of all of some of our all-time favorite Distinction wedding decor looks, and we encourage you to do the same!

It's #FunFriday Distinction Family, and we simply want to take this time to say thank you! During this time you can feel free to ask any question's about any topics we may have missed, we just may cover them very soon. On behalf of the distinction team, we want to give you a very big thank you for participating and continuing to support all that we do! We are aware there is yet still so much to cover, so we would love to hear from you!

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