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Distinction Wedding Ring Guide

Welcome back to all of our Distinction Brides and future brides to come!

It's #NationalJewelDay and what better way than to start off with the perfect guide to the wedding ring of your dreams? As we all know Diamonds are a girl's best friend, and here at Distinction we live for a gorgeous cut. We remind all of our brides that this isn't just a ring of materialistic value, but it's a symbol of your forever, and it must be something you love forever. Today, we will dive right into all rings & tings and we hope this is the guide you may need to finding your perfect ring.

1.) Classic Round Cut:

It's your standard cone-shape ring with 58 Facets of maximum lighting reflection, which gives it the perfect boost of sparkle. This cut is more iconic and classic.

2.) Princess Cut:

This cut is traditionally square shaped with pointed cut corners, and perfect when paired with muted silver or bohemian rose golds.

3.) Emerald:

Emeralds are considered a celebrity match because they are typically a larger diamond. With a glassy finish, it provides a high grade of shine and clarity. Having an elongated shape provides a more flattering appearance to the hand. This diamond screams luxury, glamorous, and elegant.

4.) Pear:

The cross between a Marquise and Oval cut diamond. This stunning cut is perfect for making smaller stones look larger. Pear shaped rings make color stand out the most, giving it a more unique touch.

5.) Radiant:

Combining the elegance of the emerald shape with the brilliance of the round, the 70 facets of a radiant cut diamond maximize the effect of its color refraction. This is perfect for the bride who likes a little bling, but wants to keep it plain and simple.

6.) Marquise:

This astonishing cut of a diamond was inspired by the late "Marquise de Pompadour", who was a member of the French court and was the official chief mistress of Louis XV from 1745 to 1751. Inspired by the shape of her style, the elongated cut on both sides makes hands look long and lean. Its exaggerated shape requires wedding bands to sit underneath or parallel to it, making sure that it will compliment each other.

7.) Cushion:

This softer cut featuring softer edges and larger facets for bigger and better shine is sure give the perfect bride a softer charm. Perfect for a bride with good ole southern hospitality! This old style screams vintage-flare.

8.) Heart:

To wear this stunningly-unique cut you must be bold, whimsical, and cheeky. This diamond, which is often hard to pair, is a statement that stands alone. Perfect for a theatrical and daring bride.

9.) Oval:

The oval cute has a perfectly symmetrical design that elongates the finger. A bride that stunts an oval shaped diamond knows what she wants, and is certainly not afraid to go after it.

10.) Asscher:

Developed in 1902 by the Asscher Brothers in Holland, the Asscher cut is often called a "square emerald cut" for it's cropped corners and square shape. Worn by the Elizabeth Taylor, The Asscher diamond became one of the most historic cuts. She stunned the 33.19-carat Krupp Diamond.

That's all rings and tings for now, but make sure to head over to the Blog Homepage to sign-up as a part of the family and you will have the chance to receive a FREEBIE that we tailored to help you plan the special day of your dreams!

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