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Marcus & Vakaya Thomas

Names: Vakaya Townsend & Marcus Thomas

Age: 28 & 32

(Occupation)Career: Operations Trainer & Financial Analyst

Marcus and Vakaya’s beautiful love story has been the beginning of a lifetime of service. When asked what advice would you give to engaged couples who are planning their special day, Mrs.Thomas boldly responded, “How you set the tone for your marriage, in the beginning, is what your marriage will be.” Marcus and Vakaya met through serving on the Young Adult Leadership Team at their local church. Being territorial about her passion for serving in her position and church, it took some time for Vakaya to warm up to Marcus, the newbie. Over time, Vakaya began to see that Marcus was the one for her because he made her embrace life from a new perspective. It was the way Marcus could make her laugh, make her feel comfortable, and feel safe with her heart; all traits she had loved about her father and wanted to see in her future husband.

Marcus and Vakaya’s engagement story will give you all the feels as Marcus found the perfect way to incorporate two of the most special ladies in his life. It was his mother's birthday, and he topped off the weekend with a trip to Atlanta, Georgia, where that Saturday he had planned a special family and friends gathering at the Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint. It took many weeks of preparation for this big moment, as Marcus spent weeks ahead contacting a live jazz band that would be performing that night to help him ask the woman of his dreams the question of a lifetime.

Marcus expressed concern that the proposal process took place over a week’s span and was overwhelming at first, just wanting to make sure everything was perfect for their special moment. After including friends and family, it was just a reminder of how much support the couple had and how happy he knew Vakaya would be.

“Beginning the process of planning our wedding was comparable to an emotional rollercoaster,” says Vakaya. The couple explains it's one of those things where you’re excited about life to come, but getting over the wedding stressors can seem overwhelming. “During this time Distinction Events & Design swooped in and made everything so much more peaceful for us. Crystal and her team made everything easy to handle and suddenly we felt like we had a handle on things. The couple knew after their first meeting with Crystal that they weren’t just dealing with any wedding planner, but Distinction was able to provide that missing factor. From meetings to planning, Distinction’s help throughout the process was seamless and reassuring. After winning our ‘Distinction Gives Back’ package with Crystal, we began to felt relieved and like a heavyweight was finally being lifted. She and her team were very sweet and organized. The team was very detailed and strategic about every little thing that they did.”

The theme of the Thomas Wedding was ‘Cinderella Dreams,’ which is a fairytale, greenery gardens, rustic, and elegance. Distinction Event’s & Design mission is to provide all of our clients with a very strategic and distinct look when it comes to your special day. Each couple is given the chance to implement important things and special moments. As the couple wished to have a intimate scenery, it was very important that the feel and ambiance resembled worship and God’s holy spirit. During the ceremony, there was a very sacred moment of a foot washing exchange to show that love and marriage is selfless and takes sacrifice. The foot washing was symbolic to the Thomas couple being servants in ministry.

Given Vakaya was one of the winners of our ‘Distinction Gives Back’ giveaway, we decided to get an inside look at some of the other fun aspects of the engagement, including Vakaya’s bridal shower.  This event was a symbolism of all things girly. As a bride, Vakaya wanted her bridal shower to be a special moment where other wives could pour into me with wisdom and knowledge. The group of women spent powerful moments together like a

corporate circle of prayer for Vakaya and all of the other brides there. “It was a good feeling to know that there were women there that we're excited to celebrate me but yet had a yearning to pursue their own marriages, as well as other women who would be in my shoes that I could celebrate. When asked what advice would you give to other couples Marcus states,”take your time to plan and if it is in Gods will do it”. Vakaya said, “pray, ask for direction and clarity”.

Marcus and Vakaya, Distinction celebrates your love, and we couldn’t be more happy for what life has in store for you!

Wedding Planning/Coordination: Distinction Events & Design

Make-Up: Makeup By Tracey Bell Cooper

Caterer: Fresh.Local.Good. Food Group

DJ: By CTS Productions with Anthony Foster

Venue: Ceremony-Mount Zion Church-Greensboro, Reception-The Public

Florist: Oniee’s Engagements

Wedding Cake: Cakes By Quia

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