Mental Health Awareness: Planning a Wedding

#HappyWednesday Distinction Family!

In honor of #WeddingWednesday, We are so proud to present this month's vlog featuring Margaret "Lorey" Crite, owner of @bodyandsoultotalwellness_! It was a pleasure to be able to sit down and share common ground on what it's like to embrace the mental and emotional state of being a wedding planner in today's industry. Being a licensed therapist Margaret has been able to attest to the everyday stresses that most likely come from planning a wedding, being a bride, or dealing with family drama or trauma. For us, planning weddings had certainly become the icing on the cake, but we don't take lightly the everyday worry that each bride or couple we encounter may have to deal with and For the Distinction Team it has always been important for us to know how to help our couples deal with these stressors.

We encourage any engaged, married, or newly-wed couple to head on over to to check out the full interview for more knowledge. Feel free to head on over to for more information on how you can connect with Margaret and possibly engage in any of the other services she has to offer.

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